Edgar (959-975)


Edgar (959-975)

Edgar was the younger son of Edmund I and his first wife, Ælfgifu. Among his children were two sons who would follow him as kings. Edward was the son of Edgar’s first wife, Æthelflæd, and Æthelred was the son of Ælfthryth. He may also have married Wulfthryth with whom he had a daughter, Edith.

Edgar’s reign was peaceful compared to those of his predecessors, earning him the epithet Pacificus from later chroniclers. This peace allowed Edgar to legislate, especially in the areas of theft and non-payment of tithes. His 16 years as king are also marked by a period of monastic reform and also reform of the coinage.

Edgar was no older than 32 when he died on 8 July 975. He was buried at Glastonbury Abbey.

Essential Facts

Edgar was the son Edmund I and his first wife, Ælfgifu.
Edgar became king of England on the death of his brother, Eadwig.
Edgar was succeeded by his son, Edward (the Martyr).


1 October 959 – Death of Eadwig. Edgar became king of England.
11 May 973 – Coronation of Edgar as king of England.
8 July 975 – Death of Edgar.

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