Man Suffers Burns While Trying to Kill a Spider

A 28-year-old Essex man has suffered burns to his arms after an unusual attempt to kill a spider.

When a spider frightened Janine Welding in her bathroom, her husband Chris sprang into action to fight off the intruder. Although his intentions may have been noble his method of dealing with the problem was a little odd.

The spider had crawled behind the toilet and was hiding in an inaccessible recess so, in a bizarre display of decision making, Mr. Welding picked up an aerosol deodorant can and sprayed it at the elusive arachnid. But that wasn’t his only strange decision. With the bathroom light not working (and battery powered torches unknown in Essex) he thought the best way to see if spraying the spider with a flammable substance had killed it was to use the naked flame of a cigarette lighter.

The subsequent explosion blew Mr. Welding out of the bathroom and into his hallway. He immediately jumped into a cold shower to cool his burns while his wife called the emergency services. First aid was administered at the scene before Mr. Welding was taken to hospital to have his burns treated. “I feel a bit of a fool,” he said. The fate of the spider is unknown.

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