British Chart Singles And Albums Week 292

Week 292 of the British Chart Singles and Albums project sees twenty-nine artists under the spotlight and includes new profiles of Daft Punk, Bush and Fats Domino.

Over at British Chart Singles and British Chart Albums, the 292nd week of the project has twenty-one singles and ten albums under examination including two number 1 singles and three number 1 albums. Profiles of the artists involved have been created on this site as detailed below.

2007 – New music profiles of the Klaxons and the Good, the Bad & the Queen plus updates for Keane, My Chemical Romance, Jojo and the View.
1997 – New music profiles of Daft Punk and Bush plus updates for Skunk Anansie, Gabrielle, Placebo, George Michael and Blur.
1987 – New music profile of Pepsi and Shirlie plus updates for Elkie Brooks, Michael McDonald, Randy Crawford, Aretha Franklin and George Michael.
1977 – New music profile of David Parton plus updates for Elvis Presley, Boney M and David Bowie.
1967 – New music profile of Sandy Posey plus updates for Wayne Fontana, Cat Stevens and the Monkees.
1957 – New music profile of Fats Domino plus updates for Bill Haley & His Comets and Pat Boone.

Links to week 292’s singles and albums can be accessed through the recording artist profiles or via the Chart Singles and Chart Albums indexes.

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