British Chart Singles: Artist Updates Week 213

Week 213 of the British Chart Singles project sees twenty-one artists under the spotlight and includes new profiles of Lee Ryan, Diana King and the Cult.

Over at British Chart Singles, the 213th week of the project has eighteen records under examination including one number one. Profiles of the artists involved have been created on this site as detailed below.

2005 – New music profiles of Daddy Yankee and Lee Ryan plus an update for Paul Weller.
1995 – New music profiles of Method Man, Dana Dawson and Diana King plus updates for the Lightning Seeds, Hole and Mary J Blige.
1985 – New music profiles of the Cult, Trans-X and Opus plus an update for Madonna.
1975 – Updates for ABBA, the Sweet and the Bee Gees.
1965 – New music profiles of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore plus an update for Dusty Springfield.
1955 – Updates for Frankie Laine and the Mellomen.

Links to week 213’s songs can be accessed through the recording artist profiles or via the Chart Singles index.

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