British Chart Singles: Artist Updates Week 205

Week 205 of the British Chart Singles project sees eighteen artists under the spotlight and includes new profiles of the Magic Numbers, Katrina and the Waves and Gary Moore.

Over at British Chart Singles, the 205th week of the project has fifteen records under examination including two number ones. Profiles of the artists involved have been created on this site as detailed below.

2005 – New music profiles of the Magic Numbers, Amerie and the Crazy Frog plus an update for Coldplay.
1995 – New music profiles of David McAlmont and Bernard Butler plus updates for Radiohead and the Nightcrawlers.
1985 – New music profiles of Katrina and the Waves, Gary Moore and Phil Lynott plus an update for Go West.
1975 – New music profiles of Windsor Davies and Don Estelle plus an update for Status Quo.
1965 – Updates for Marianne Faithfull and the Rockin’ Berries.
1955 – Update for the Crew Cuts.

Links to week 205’s songs can be accessed through the recording artist profiles or via the Chart Singles index.

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