British Chart Singles: Artist Updates Week 124

Week 124 of the British Chart Singles project sees twenty-one artists under the spotlight and includes new profiles of Leftfield, Dina Carroll and Les Paul.

Over at British Chart Singles, the 124th week of the project has eighteen records under examination including two number ones. Profiles of the artists involved have been created on this site as detailed below.

2003 – Updates for Robbie Williams, Blazin’ Squad and Kylie Minogue.
1993 – New music profiles of Leftfield, John Lydon, Time Frequency and Dina Carroll plus updates for the Orb and Mariah Carey.
1983 – Updates for the Cure, Madness, Shakin’ Stevens, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.
1973 – Updates for Ringo Starr and Gary Glitter.
1963 – Updates for the Crystals and Chuck Berry.
1953 – New music profiles of Les Paul and Mary Ford plus an update for Eddie Fisher.

Links to week 124’s songs can be accessed through the recording artist profiles or via the Chart Singles index.

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