British Chart Singles: Project Overview

Last week saw the launch of my new blog. As the title suggests, British Chart Singles is an exploration of the world of popular music and will examine singles from the UK top 40.

3 Vinyl Singles by Ramon Vasconcellos

Vinyl Singles - Remember These? Image by Ramon Vasconcellos

This project is scheduled to last ten years and will look at around 8,000 entries into the UK singles chart from its creation in November 1952. The music under examination will include every number 1 since the chart was first compiled and every top 10 record since March 1960. I will also choose a few others from lower down the top 40, either because they deserve further scrutiny or just because I like them.

Each post over at British Chart Singles will give details about a song’s chart performance, record label, connections to other recordings and a variety of interesting facts. Following the link to YouTube in each article will allow the reader to listen to the song in question.

Meanwhile, the Recording Artists section of this website will profile the artists involved, listing biographical details and recording history. Each artist profile will be accompanied by a complete list of their entries in the UK top 40 chart.

Each week will follow the same pattern.

  • Mondays – Songs from 10 years ago (2001-2011)
  • Tuesdays – Songs from 20 years ago (1991-2001)
  • Wednesdays – Songs from 30 years ago (1981-1991)
  • Thursdays – Songs from 40 years ago (1971-1981)
  • Fridays – Songs from 50 years ago (1961-1971)
  • Saturdays – Songs from 60 years ago (1952-1961) (starts November 2012)

There will be occasional posts on Sundays keeping readers up to date with details of what is planned for the future. I hope you will join me on this journey through over half a century of popular music.

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