22 March 1910: Birth of Nicholas Monsarrat, British Novelist

Nicholas John Turney Monsarrat was born on 22 March 1910 in Liverpool, England, the fourth child of Keith and Ada Monsarrat. His birth certificate records his surname as Montserrat as this was his mother’s preferred spelling of the name. Read the full biography page of Nicholas Monsarrat.

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10 comments to 22 March 1910: Birth of Nicholas Monsarrat, British Novelist

  • Barbara Williams

    Nicholas Monsarrat was my mother’s first cousin. As children we would meet him when he visited his sister near Nottingham. He usually visited alone. His son Max went to Lancing College during the late 50s and early 60s.

  • See my message yesterday 24 June
    P.crosby married to N.Monsarratt, was my cousin and I would love to know more about her backgrounf

  • Juliet Bracher cousin of Phillipa Crosby

    Phillipa (known as widdy in family)was a cousin of my grandmother -and I would love to know how we are related. My grandmother was called alys Theresa fitzgerald and think she from Johannesburg. Her family was called Curtin. Any relations left.? I do remember her quite well when married t0 N.Montserrat. Juliet bracher

  • I am an avid collector of rare and out-of-print books and have in my possession a book by Nicholas Monsarrat,titled ‘ The tribe that lost its head’. What is interesting about the book is what I found between the pages – some brownish-blondish hair (more brown than blond) and I am intrigued to know what was the colour of the author’s head of hair. It’s really weird to find something like this between the pages plus that the inside of the first page has a large ‘X’ marked with a blue pen at the top-right corner. It’s a first edition, published in 1956 with a dustcover over a dark green clothed hardcover. Printed in Great Britain by Ebenzer Baylis And Son, Ltd., The Trinity Press, Worcester And London. Publisher – Cassell & Co Ltd, London.Can someone please help me with this? If it is the author’s hair, then my book is seriously invaluable.

  • Ian Bale

    I was in the Royal Navy on HMS Scylla when we had the task of committing Nicholas Monsarrat’s Ashes to the sea, I was ships photographer and was asked to take photographs of the ceremony and the film was sent to his relatives. I remember they put them in an ammunition box and slid it down a wooden board made for the job, the sailors that made the board were worried that the board, newly varnished wouldn’t dry in time and that the box would stick at the critical moment, but all went smoothly on the day.

  • David Slater

    In reply to B Staite

    In 1974 – 1975 I was a student in Montreal and went to Dalhousie University in Halifax Canada for my MBA.

    I rented a room from Phiippa. I recall she was a bright and gregarious woman. And, there was a constant flow of interesting people through the house including many actors. I recall meeting the Canadian actor Colin Fox.

    Philippa was also a good cook which was fortunate for me as a young student. She often has something waiting for me when I got home.

    I think I also met her son Anthony there.

    I believe Philippa passed away in Halifax a number of years ago, but I cannot recall when.

  • B Staite

    Does anyone know of the second marriage or the second wife Phillipa Crosby ???

  • Rita Royds

    we spend a lot of time on Anglesey (North Wales)…and I have heard that Nicholas Monsarrat spent sometime durng his childhood at a rather spectacular ‘Mansion’ on the coastlne of Treaddur Bay…..can you please give me any information ….?

    • The Monsarrat country home, Hafod House, was situated at Trearddur Bay on Holy Island, just off the west coast of the main island of Anglesey (see map). It was during summers spent there that the young Nicholas developed his love of the sea and sailing, and the skills he learned there enabled him to join the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve after seeing an advertisement for ‘gentlemen with yachting experience’ in 1940.

      Monsarrat’s memories of the family home were not all happy ones, however, as it was there that his elder brother died after falling from a cliff in 1908. Hafod House is now available to rent as a holiday cottage.

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