7 March 1810: Death of Cuthbert Collingwood, British Admiral

Cuthbert Collingwood was born on 26 September 1748 in Newcastle upon Tyne, the eighth child of Cuthbert and Milcah Collingwood. He was the eldest of three sons. After a schooling at the Newcastle Free School, Collingwood went to sea on the Shannon at the age of twelve on 28 August 1761. He was accompanied by his brother, Wilfred, and they served together on various ships for the next twelve years. Read the full biography page of Cuthbert Collingwood.

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1 comment to 7 March 1810: Death of Cuthbert Collingwood, British Admiral

  • susan Matticks

    I am attempting to trace some family history which I’m told is linked to B.A. Cuthbert Collingwood. As I understand it one of my grandfathers into the greats served as some sort of “personal assistant” to B.A. Collingwood and was present at Trafalgar. The family name is Strother and I would guess that the given name might be William. Sometimes history “gilds the facts” – and all is not as it has been purported – but any information you may be able to provide or any direction you may be able to point me in on this quest would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely – Susan Wilkinson-Matticks

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