Seven Useful Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

There are many blogging sites scattered around the internet, including and, which are very useful if all you want to do with them is blog. But, if you want to extend these capabilities, a small investment in a hosting package and a free download from may be the answer.

Once installed, you will be able to style your site with the use of themes and create additional static pages. There are also hundreds of plugins available that will extend the functionality of your site further. The seven described in the article below are all used on this website, but there are many others available that do the same, or similar, things. Achieving the right balance is just a matter of experimenting.

Originally published at, the article now has a permanent home on this site.

Seven Useful WordPress Plugins
With the addition of a few plugins, your WordPress blog can be transformed from a list of text articles into useful, dynamic tool. These seven plugins will help in that process.

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