Diagram Prize Celebrates Odd Book Titles

Occasionally, while browsing the shelves of a local book shop, a book title will stand out for no other reason than its ability to raise a smile. The content of these books may be quite ordinary but the title serves its purpose by grabbing our attention.

For the past 30 years these odd book titles have been celebrated by The Bookseller with their annual Diagram Prize. To mark the announcement of the winner of the 2008 prize in March 2009, I looked back at its history and some of the bizarrely titled winners.

From the first winner in 1978, "Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Nude Mice", to this year's close contest, the judges have had plenty of odd titles to choose from. And last year the Diagram of Diagrams prize was awarded to the oddest of the odd.

Originally published at BookStove.com, the article now has a permanent home on this site.

Winner of Award for Oddest Book Title Announced
Each year The Bookseller presents the Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year. To mark the announcement of this year's winner, we take a look at 30 years of weird and wonderful book titles.

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