Petra, Jordan

The Treasury at Petra in Jordan

The Treasury at Petra in Jordan

Over 2000 years ago, a city was carved from the sandstone rocks of the Shara mountains. Petra was the home of the Nabateans, who occupied the valley when the Edomites moved west. The Nabateans grew wealthy from the caravan trade and Petra became a rival to Rome.

But, as with so many ancient civilizations, Petra fell into decline and passed into Roman, and then Byzantine, hands, before disappearing from all records by the end of the 13th century. For the next 500 years, the only people to set foot in the city were local Bedouins.

Then, in 1812, Petra was "discovered" by the Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt. Artists and poets soon followed and brought back beautiful pictures and vivid descriptions. Tourists were not far behind and the city has grown in popularity ever since.

Located in southern Jordan, Petra is still an amazing destination. It is full of stunning monuments in the valley and amazing vistas from the mountaintops.

This two article tour through the beautiful rose-red city, from October last year, takes the reader deep into the valley and high into the mountains showing the best that Petra has to offer.

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A Tour Through the Beautiful Ancient City of Petra, Jordan – Part One
The facade of the Treasury monument at Petra in Jordan will be familiar to anyone who has seen the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It forms part of a huge city complex that may be less well-known. We start our journey by looking at some of the structures created by the Nabateans.

A Tour Through the Beautiful Ancient City of Petra, Jordan – Part Two
We conclude our journey through the ancient city of Petra in Jordan by visiting more of the valley and climbing the mountains. The beautiful sights are both natural and man-made, including an impressive mountaintop facade.

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